Save on Your Teen’s Car Insurance

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Save on Your Teen’s Car Insurance

If you are dreading the added cost of your teen being added to your insurance policy, breathe a sigh of relief because you can cut that cost significantly! Most of the discounts and rate reductions you can get involve planning, though, so if your teen is close to driving age you’ll need to start taking action right now. Did your parents get you a brand new car when you began driving? Most of us were given a used car or had Morocco phone number list to save up for one. That’s a very smart way to save on insurance for your teen. They may want a new car and you might want all the safety features of the new models but it will cost you more for insurance. New cars are more costly to repair and replace than used ones so find a reliable pre-owned car with good safety features for lower insurance premiums.

You can save money, too, by making some changes to your coverage. Raise your deductible; the more you’re willing to pay out of pocket, the less your premiums will be. Another reason to buy a used car is that you won’t be required to carry collision insurance if you don’t have a loan attached to the car or you’ve listed collateral other than the car itself. These two things alone can save a bundle on insurance! Acting as your teen’s driving teacher might save you the cost of driving school but it will cost you more when you buy insurance. Enroll your teen in a reputable driving school and spend a lot of time in the car with them yourself. If it makes you too nervous, ask your spouse or a trusted friend to sit in for you. Personalized instruction will help your teen be a safer driver and graduating from driving school will reduce insurance premiums.

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Is your teen a good student with a 3.0 average or better? If so, you could save up to 15% with a Good Student discount! This is a good motivation for your teen to do well in school, especially if he or she is contributing to or paying the cost of their insurance.Morocco Phone Number List

You won’t get a discount for imposing a curfew on your teen but you can save yourself a lot of worry and possibly avoid tragedy. Studies show that a majority of teen driving accidents happen after 9PM. Many teens don’t have a reason to be out that late, anyway. They’ll object, but you’ll increase your chances of having grandchildren by imposing a curfew. Teach your teen good driving habits. Again, it won’t save you Hit Post money on your premiums right away but you’ll lower your chances of having to make a claim by removing distractions. Driving with two or more friends, listening to loud music, texting or talking on a cell phone are major contributors to teen accidents and deaths. Some states limit the number of passengers a teen can have and there are an increasing number of states that are banning cell phones while driving.

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