Smartclip personalizes the VidZone portal for the new Pepsi advertising campaign for the first time

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Smartclip personalizes the VidZone portal for the new Pepsi advertising campaign for the first time

Smartclip, Europe’s largest internet video advertising network, has launched an innovative personalization strategy on VidZoneTM, the official music portal on Sony Playstation 3, for the launch of the new Pepsi One euro One Pesi campaign, brother. For the first time, smartclip has personalized the VidZone portal, which the advertising network manages exclusively in Spain, adapting the creativity of the latest Pepsi Croatia Mobile Database campaign and creating a more attractive and interactive display of the portal. Thanks to this special format, VidZone offers the advertiser the possibility of capturing the user’s attention more effectively, generating a better memory of the brand / product and the message of the campaign. In the same way, this channel allows you to reach young Internet users directly. Croatia Mobile Database

The new action of PEPSI and OMD, aims to strengthen the image of the well-known beverage brand as a clear option in times of recession, positioning itself as a brand that offers value while helping to save. With its “One euro One Pesi, brother” campaign, Pepsi communicates a clear message of savings: the 2-liter bottle now costs only € 1. And he does it through a spot with the cameo of F. Torres and the rapper Haze, who now becomes the protagonist. The ad was created by 2 young amateurs, Matt and Tom, 23 and 24, who managed to fulfill their dreams and shoot their first commercial with the help of Pepsi.

Fernando Garcia, Director of Business Development in Spain, stated: “It has been a very interesting project that has allowed us to begin to exploit all the creative possibilities that this effective channel can offer advertisers. Both its technological benefits and its effectiveness – in Spain there Brother Cell Phone List are already more than 200 thousand users that connect to Vidzone per month – will make VidZone ™ one of the reference channels for online video advertising ”. smartclip was the first media network in Spain to launch interactive TV campaigns through a video game console thanks to VidZoneTM. This advertising format combines the power, image quality, and excitement of traditional television commercials with the interactivity of the Internet.

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