The board must support the CDO

The digital vision arises from the contribution of the entire c-suite who must collaborate and assist the role of the CDO in a sincere way and aware of its importance. This working group strengthens each other thanks to the effects that arise from an optimal development of a corporate digital vision.

How to develop the role and structure necessary for the CDO

The three most concrete paths that a company can take lop this digital transformation are the following: choose the most suitable person within the workforce, a person who is an expert in Digital, with managerial skills, capable of working in a we Latest Mailing Database areteam and from the great innovative spirit and a crystalline digital vision, or you can create a team with resources already present within the company that brings this progress within the company itself through cooperative work.

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It is essential for the success of this progress within the company that the board and especially the ownership and the managing director are really aware of the importance of tction and that they are the first promoters for the whole organization of the value that ah this kind of project, without such sincere support no project of this importance can be successful.

The CDO takes up the challenge of change

In fact, contrary to what many think, the CDO has yes to dealing with a lot of technology and  technological methodologies (such as machine Hit Post learning, automated digital marketing flows, predictive functions, artificial intelligence, advanced reporting creation, different KPIs based on the various company departments …) but the largest component that introduces in.

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