Tabvertising: The advertising coming to the new TablePC devices

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Tabvertising: The advertising coming to the new TablePC devices

The IAB, Interactive Advertising Bureau has launched a working group to define and establish standards and best practices for tabvertising, display advertising on new “Tablet PC” devices. Previously, the IAB already proposed to define a set of specifications for online advertising that were finally accepted and turned into standards for the web-oriented online advertising industry. The objective is now to continue Greece Mobile Database with this work in the hope of establishing new standards and best advertising practices for the advertising of these types of devices that have taken a new momentum after the arrival of the new Apple iPad on the market. In fact, this working group intends to focus on the iPad itself, as the IAB believes that this will be the device with the greatest impact among consumers. David Doty, senior vice president of the IAB commented in this regard that this may be the best time to establish the best recommendations and practices for advertising through this type of device. Greece Mobile Database

The IAB also believes that this type of advertising could become a great opportunity for advertisers, due to the characteristics and the way these ads are displayed, as well as the new touch screen capabilities that advertisers can take advantage of. For brands, this new advertising model Brother Cell Phone List opens up new possibilities in part thanks to new features or touch technology with which to seduce consumers with eye-catching ads that require their interaction and participation. The iPad has undoubtedly become the banner of a new emerging segment in the digital and online advertising market. Even so, for now it takes time to evaluate its true impact and the response of the companies and brands that will bet on this new advertising model.

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Similarly, it is still too early to estimate and calculate the volume of investment that advertisers will allocate to advertising through this type of device. However, recently Steve Jobs revealed that his company had already obtained 60 million dollars in advertising commitments, which represents almost 50% of the planned spending for mobile advertising in the US during the second half of 2010. And it is not for less given that currently, advertisers are paying up to five times more for those ads or ads integrated in applications for the iPad, than what they pay to advertise on Internet sites.


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