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If you want to buy a new house in 2019 and are looking for the best bank for housing loan, then you must take a closer look at this article compiled by the National Bank [Latest Loan Interest Rates]!


The following Base Rate (BR), Base Lending Rate (%), Indicative Effective Lending Rate (%) are taken from the official website of the National Bank. (Click on the image to enlarge)


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In the housing loan plan, most people pay the most attention to the loan base rate (BR). Most banks’ BR rates are maintained at around 3% to 4%. In addition, the Base Hungary Phone Number List Lending Rate is also around 6% to 7%.

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Among the many banks in Malaysia

the lowest BR rate is Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank) at only 3.25%, while the highest is Bangkok Bank Berhad at 4.72%. But it does not mean that the lower Afghanistan Phone Number List the BR rate, the better. Some people pay more attention to the Base Lending Rate or other interest rates.

Each bank has its own mortgage package. It is recommended that you go to each bank for more details!

(Source: Bank Negara )

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