The banner ad is still the king of online advertising

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The banner ad is still the king of online advertising

While 15 years may seem like a short time to some or perhaps too long to others, a lot has already happened since 1994, the year HotWired published the first Portugal Mobile Database banner ad of the modern internet age. Since then, online marketing and advertising has undoubtedly continued to evolve but the “banner” as an advertising element continues to exist today, being present on millions of websites and internet pages. ATT, Volvo, Club Med and MCI are among the first companies to use this graphic resource as an advertising medium. Today all the large companies in the world and even small businesses continue to use the banner to promote their services or products. Portugal Mobile Database

In those first years of existence, the banner maintained certain limitations that with the passage of time gradually improved in performance and characteristics, going from the traditional static graphic blocks, to those that showed a sequence of animated images or rotated dynamically. Later, other technologies would arrive to give way to the implementation of new formats such as those that today we can find in hundreds Brother Cell Phone List of web pages and that integrate multimedia elements such as audio or video streaming. Despite their proliferation on the internet, banners also went through times of crisis. The arrival of contextual advertising marked a point of reflection in terms of online advertising. Even so, traditional banners continued to coexist and overcome barriers thanks to the improvements and new features that technology has provided.

However, it is surprising how despite the unstoppable growth of the internet medium, its value has been decreasing and losing margin to generate a stable business based on this type of advertising. In those years, a banner destined for 25,000 readers of a mailing list, was priced at over $ 30,000 at that time. It is evident that other factors intervene directly related to the economic models of supply and demand or the different systems of measurement and analysis of their return and effectiveness. Even so, nowadays everything indicates that the current model and its lowering seems not to be totally sustainable despite the growth of the trend towards online advertising. After its 15th anniversary, it is difficult to think that the banner will not be able to celebrate another 15 years. Moreover, despite the efforts of the advertising industry to search for new alternative formats, everything seems to indicate that we will have banners for many more years.

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