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The best tools to build your dashboard

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The best tools to build your dashboard

Measurement and analysis are, in most cases, what will determine the success of a strategy. We leave you the most powerful tools for you to build your analytical scorecard, and you can, at a first glance, make the best decisions.
I always say that the 泰国电话号码列表 tool is an extra, an addition that should provide us with a quick way to generate graphs and obtain data and always as an addition to your analysis to obtain conclusions. The tool is not everything, it is only 10% that helps us to complete and order the information .

There are endless analytical tools that allow us to generate dashboards . Here are a few that will allow you to combine results and make decisions more quickly. Based on your needs and the needs of each project, surely more than one is interesting for you.

Essential tools for your dashboard

One of the most complete to create your advanced dashboard. You can connect a lot of different sources and it is very easy to use.

The ability to quickly resize widgets gives you a very useful customization bonus. The TV mode, to put the dashboard on full screen, is perfect for having a TV monitoring data.


What I like the most about Chart.io is that it allows you to connect an external database with MySQL, which makes it easier to interlink data between different sources. Still, they have to polish this functionality because sometimes you can’t get what you need to do.


If there is something that I like about the analytics tools, it is the possibility of seeing a monthly data comparison to find out what we can correct. Within all the possibilities that exist, Klipfolio is one of my favorites.

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I was lucky enough to try a trial version , without limitations, and what I liked the most was the possibility that the user has to interact with all the graphics, and on all the devices.

The tool you need to 点击帖子 monitor your social networks. With a very simple and intuitive interface, Pirendo gives us the possibility of making a dashboard to measure our results on Facebook and Twitter.

With Pirendo we can see if the content we share is or is not interesting to our audience or if on the contrary we are not addressing who we should. And all this, as I have already mentioned, at a first glance with the templates that the tool itself provides us with.

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