The boss pushes the job on

In the workplace, many people often encounter this problem: When it is time to get off work, the boss suddenly assigns you a new job. At this time, will you choose to stay and work overtime, or directly refuse the boss’s arrangement? If you refuse the task assign by the boss, how can you explain the reason to the boss and at the same time, let him not think that you are shirking your responsibility?Therefore, people with high emotional intelligence in the workplace will be smarter in rejecting their bosses. They can not only reject others tactfully and get themselves out of the situation, but also avoid offending others. So, how should one express rejection smartly and appropriately in the workplace?

Decide what to say no to and what not to say no to

Regardless of the requests or arrangements made by your colleagues or boss, you should first have a basic judgment ability, that is, think clearly and calmly before refusing, what should be Norway Phone Number List reject and what should not be reject? . Here is a general principle: “Things that break the bottom line and principles should be reject.” But everyone’s “bottom line” is different, how do you know where your bottom line is?

To know where your bottom line is, you must first set a bottom line for yourself. We have been taught by our parents or schools to be obient, modest, and helpful since childhood; however, no one has ever told us how to determine our own principles and set our own bottom line. Therefore, you must learn to set your own bottom line, clarify your own principles, and review your bottom line before entering a new and different environment.

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Learning to use the show weakness approach

Actually not wrong to directly refuse Belgium Phone Number List without thinking about it. It can show our trust in them and show our closeness to them. However, for colleagues, leaders or bosses, who are not close to you but have a strong interest relationship with you, you should not refuse directly, but show a greater interest relationship than you and express your ideas in a “show weakness” way.



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