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Real Estate Photo Editing The Content Tipping Point

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Real Estate Photo Editing The Content Tipping Point

And we’ve been talking for a long time .About how email marketing is the most. Powerful tool for you to own your business. This article is basically saying that most real estate photo editing brands. Are not using sms messaging and they should be because the level of engagement can increase with text messaging. Darrell vesterfelt. Now, that’s something I know a lot of big retai. Brands do. He says a lot of them don’t do it real estate photo editing as well. But I’m curious.Tim, about your opinion on text messaging as a form of marketing versus email marketing. Tim stoddart: I’m excited. To have this conversation because I think the rest of 2020. We can dive a little deeper into this topic because full transparency, sms marketing isn’t something .


I Have a Lot With Real Estate Photo Editing of Experience.

And I don’t think you have much experience of it either. So when I talk about this, I’m just talking from my own experience. Tim Stoddart.I remember Real Estate Photo Editing hearing a statistic, or maybe. it was a conversation I was having, but everyone’s listening. to this right now, where’s your phone? Statistically, the chances. of him being more than six feet away Real Estate Photo Editing from you are almost 100%, or excuse me, almost 0%. Atall times, we are within six feet of our phone. Tim Stoddart: In that perspective alone, from a practical standpoint, it makes perfect sense that text messaging is a very, very good way to communicate with an audience.

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Be careful, and again everyone is thinking only from their own experience, how often do we get these spam text messages?because we don’t know exactly what the unsubscribe signal is for that. And I’m afraid that’s another spamming mechanism, which, as we all know, is very, very inefficient. Tim Stoddart: That said, why would we think that having an engaged audience the same way we would via email, but only Real Estate Photo Editing via text, wouldn’t be a good idea, especially given that people have their phones on them all the time.

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