To find out more and download our application file. Including your social media promotion strategy. Adaptation of content to the customer journey integration. Into a long-term marketing and business. Strategy results in terms of lead or prospect acquisition. Linkedin can be an essential ally for your salespeople to meet. Qualified prospects. Social selling fan or beginner. You will be able to identify all the best practices. To get off to a good start on linkedin. Or improve your presence on the social network.

The levers will of course be conditioned

Tell us about the knowledge you were able to acquire about your prospects.By responding to everyone, by reacting to current events but also by presenting our whatsapp mobile number list innovations (for example the delivery of flowers without knowing the recipient’s address) and our new products (for example the Frozen 2 bouquet in partnership with Disney ).The implementation of all the levers will of course be conditioned by your objectives: lead generation or conversion. How can I improve my ranking on Google? You may be asking yourself these concrete questions and we will do our best to answer them through our audit space.  All day long, come and meet experts to audit your website or your digital strategy in 20 minutes.

The impact on the environment

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You will leave with a deliverable and optimization ideas to improve your performance. Eco-responsible commitment : The organizing team is committedto guaranteeing Hit Post you an event that meets all your expectations while minimizing the impact on the environment. Waste management will be at the heart of this eco-responsible commitment. At the coffee stand, no plastic cups!  Want to join us in our journey? To come to the event, consider carpooling, and stay tuned to find out more about our commitments! Convinced by this edition.