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The terms you should know about Digital Marketing

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The terms you should know about Digital Marketing

There are terms in Digital Marketing that we need to understand and know by heart. If you still don’t know what Lead Nurturing is or how a Landing Page works, this is your post. You cannot consider yourself a Digital Marketing professional until you have perfectly mastered our selection of terms . Do you remember when in school you started to study the rule of 7 by 巴哈马电话号码列表 heart? Well, the same thing, get ready to learn once and for all the meaning of words like Bounce, Lead Nurturing… Next time you won’t put on that poker face when someone mentions them to you. Prepared? To the mess.

Many times in Content Marketing we do not know for sure which of our strategies may be appropriate. For this reason we use the A / B tests to launch two different versions of the same element and check which of the two works better . With this, we improve our strategy and we can decide the practices that can bring us the greatest benefit. We can test the words we use, their size, the headlines, the length or amount of text in our post. For more detailed information, visit the definitive guide to A / B Test . Branded Content It is one of the most used practices in Content Marketing and especially in Inbound Marketing.

With its use we generate content linked to a specific brand with which we seek to connect with the consumer. This strategy seeks to understand the needs of our users and give them what they need most to make them fall in love with our product. If we decide in our Content Marketing strategy to use Email Marketing campaigns, this term will be one of our main indicators . It helps us to know the number of emails that could not be sent to the recipient. This metric is divided between Hard and Soft based on the bounce rate of the emails. It is the form of active search for a consumer called “potential” until this search becomes the final sale of our product. The process is divided into three phases:

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Decision : finally, at the closing time, we have to offer the exact solution to what you are looking for and that ends in a purchase process for one of our products. Part of this process is marked by our content strategy as one of the main ways to seduce the user. Learn how to create the perfect content by understanding the buying cycle or buyer journey .Buyer Persona Wouldn’t you like to know the profile of the consumer of your content? Well, in this case, this practice is the most successful, since it is the fictitious representation 点击帖子 of the prototype of our potential and final consumer. These constructions (based on behaviors, demographic information, trends …) help us to define our target audience , understand them and respond to their needs and is part of the key process to improve content creation .

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