The Why Of Human Marketing

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The Why Of Human Marketing

Each principle ends with a practical thinking exercise that helps you apply the principle to your own life. How the lesson ends Use adversity as a guideline with the assignment to study a situation you are concerned about. What does the most undesirable outcome look like? What words do you associate with that? Then think about what you can do to deal with that situation.

Not fun to do and very tempting not to think about it or to flee into positivism, while facing it and looking sober brings you a lot.

A small fire is extinguished at the first setback: you throw something on it and it goes out. But if a fire is big enough, it will devour everything you throw at it. In fact, it flares up higher. It becomes fuel.

The 10 Principles for a Stoic Mindset

There will be setbacks and things will not go as planned. Think about that, preferably before you start a project. Then use that setback to see how you can get better from it.

2. When you judge less, you understand more

In conversations and encounters, try to understand what drives the other person. With that you do not agree with someone, you only want to know why someone does and says what this person does and says. This often has a relaxing effect and makes it easier for you to explain exactly what you want.

You can’t control winning in a match. Whether that succeeds is not only up to you, but opponents, the weather, your coach and many other things play a role in this. The same applies to being awarded a Australia Physiotherapist Email Lists quote. Making the best possible quote is something you can aim for, but whether someone will sign depends on many factors, many of which are beyond your control.

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4. Team interest is your own interest

Connect with your team, neighbourhood, association, friends. See your world in perspective by zooming out and wondering what you’re adding.

5. Accept your fate (and love it)

The fact that you were not chosen to lead a project means that you avoid all updates about that project or react badly to it. Pointless, because you are not leading the project and that is not going to change for the foreseeable future. Certainly not by sour comments. Accept that you are not leading the project. And see what makes you

The fact that life is finite makes every day and every hour scarce. They won’t come back. As Burkeman said in his 4,000 weeks , use them well for that reason alone.

Chasing happiness makes you unhappy. Precisely if you absolutely want to experience positive and beautiful things, you become hypersensitive to the dark side of things. Taking them for what they are makes you happy

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