Tips For You To Become An Ra Company

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Tips For You To Become An Ra Company

The RA 1000 Seal is nothing more, nothing less, than the maximum reputation that a company can achieve within Reclame AQUI . When a company achieves this reputation, it is clear its commitment to the consumer in terms of service. And the best part: when a customer sees that the company has the RA 1000 Seal, he will not think twice about buying it . After all, you will know that, even if there is any problem, that brand will solve it. You knew? Now you can display your products in the Reclame window HERE But to reach that level, it needs to meet certain criteria. And now we’re going to show you how to get to them more easily.

Get Customers To Rate You

The first criterion for a company to reach the RA 1000 reputation is to have a number of consumer reviews equal to or greater than 50 . They can be from any period tab (6 months, 12 months, 2018, 2017 or General). Another criterion, also regarding evaluations, is that the average of the evaluations (consumer rating) must be Ukraine Phone Number List to or greater than 7 . Therefore, it is essential that your company responds in a clear, humane helpful way, making the consumer want to evaluate it. For that, we have 4 amazing tips on how to earn a good review . Answer all As one of the criteria is to have responded to 90% or more of the complaints made to your company , it is of great help that you create a service team focused on these problem resolutions.

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Ukraine Phone Number List

But Answer Well And Solve

Quantity is not synonymous with quality. It is important to answer everything, but answer well and solve the problem. For another evaluation criterion is that the company has resolved 90% or more of the complaints. If not, the evaluation will not be positive, and you will not reach the requirements of having the RA 1000 seal. See how one criterion Hit Post depends on the other? 4) Show that you are worth doing business with again The last but not least evaluation criterion is having 70% or more customers who would do business with you again . And there’s no secret! If you provided a good service, posted a humanized response, made the effort and solved the customer’s problem, he will understand and do business with your brand again.

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