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To And Want To Be Part Of The

However, if you can’t work productively in the office, working from home is not the solution . In a study of the findings of working from home, respondents (55 – 70%) indicated that their productivity increased, they could concentrate better and they worked more often on their own chosen tasks than on questions from others. That sounds positive. But is that really so?

And then of course there are the digital challenges of hybrid working. We’ve been doing it for a while now, but you probably recognize the ongoing problems with connection, sound, camera sharpness and remote presentation.

And what I notice myself: when I work from home I take fewer breaks. At the office you join the lunch walk and join the coffee moment, but at home I often eat my sandwich behind my laptop. New Year’s resolutions are good, but difficult to keep.

Hybrid working therefore presents quite a few challenges, which we should not lose sight of. For example, taking a break is good for your concentration and a lunch walk is good for your physical health. In my case, I better go to the office. Finding the right balance should be higher on our priority list.

Only 28% of organizations have a hybrid working policy. – Rik Mulder

Not at home and not at the office

Are you completely done working in the Netherlands? Then you can of course also work from abroad. A trend that has been going on for a while: workations . In good consultation with your employer, you can pack your things and settle down in Spain, for example. It is of course useful to arrange a number of things properly, such as:

  • A good WiFi connection,
  • stay in the same time zone (or almost), and
  • a good workplace with desk and office chair.
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At Frankwatching, this is a popular concept among employees. A mix has now also emerged: first a few weeks on vacation, and then, for example, a workation for 2 weeks. Then you can stay a little longer at your holiday destination, but you still go to


Work smarter

Can you always concentrate well? According to Björn Deusings , external distraction is only part of your ‘concentration problem’. So it’s too easy to blame your chatting colleagues, overcrowded mailbox or social pop-ups. A large part of your concentration depends on your internal distraction. Something that, according to Björn, is too often overlooked. Your own thoughts and hunches also distract you.

He shares 3 helpful tips:

  1. Remove resistance by creating clarity. If you work on a job with slight (or even major) reluctance or if you don’t know where to start, you will always find reasons to take up something IT Directors Managers Email Lists else for a while.
  2. Create peace of mind by planning realistically. Planning your work in advance helps you set priorities.
  3. Choose the right work environment. Also a tip for your external distraction.


IT Directors Email Lists

Taking notes can also help improve your concentration. Then you write it ‘out of your head’. Or as Arjan Broere describes it: “Use your head to think about things. Not to think about things.” He recommends the Obsidian tool for this. Because let’s be honest: do you actually read all the notes you make? This tool helps you to organize and keep an overview. Recommended!

Finally, I would like to mention an article about better brainstorming . Brainstorms are often poorly prepared and poorly executed in practice, which also leads to bad results. A good brainstorming starts with good preparation by all participants! It is also inspiring to look at:

  • The Disney Method
  • The ‘tour through the park’ method
  • The Oprah Winfrey Method
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Brainstorming techniques that allow you to approach things just that little bit differently. And change puts your brain into active mode. Stepping out of that comfort zone and actively participating in the brainstorming yields the best ideas.

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