Trends and content formats to sweep in 2020

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Trends and content formats to sweep in 2020

Would you like to know what are the trends and content formats that have been so successful this year and will continue to do so in 2020? Well, do not lose details in the post that I bring you, where I tell you which are the most germany mobile number sample cutting-edge formats that cannot be missing in your marketing strategy next year. All these formats are very top, but let me tell you one thing … You don’t have to use them all because it is the news of the moment. Depending on the different online channels that you use in your strategy, you will have to analyze and check if these content formats work with your ideal audience or client. For example, within our strategy is developing email marketing actions. That is why, together with my Esfera Creativa team, I am always aware of the trends in content formats for this channel.

In this sense, Mailrelay has been the tool that has helped us to get quality subscribers this year thanks to the potential of its functions (among other reasons that I will tell you later). Trends and content formats to sweep away your digital strategy in 2020 by  Trends in content formats There are many formats that are currently working on the Internet, but to make your task easier, I want to make you the following classification According to the diffusion channel: Social networks, blogs and other media. According to the graphic representation: GIFs, infographics, illustrations, icons, etc.
According to its application: Masterclass, webinars or Power Point presentations. Specifically in this post, I will focus on the classification of formats, attending to the first criterion; broadcast channels. Are you ready? Follow me!

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Formats that should not be missing in your 2020 strategy You still have time to make all the modifications you need in your 2020 marketing plan, to start the new year with all the actions defined and organized, ready to be executed. So, pay attention to the following list of content formats that you should Hit post shuffle before the end of the year  Instagram, the social network for visual content, is currently emerging and will continue to do so in 2020. Therefore, you must continue to feed your Instagram account feed to improve engagement with your community, attract new users and gain visibility with your brand.

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