Twitter is positioned as the best social medium for online communication and advertising

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Twitter is positioned as the best social medium for online communication and advertising

Just barely three months ago, Twitter, the popular microblogging system, showed signs of popularity by officially announcing the milestone of exceeding 10 billion tweets (short messages) after four years of activity on the network. Now, and a short time later, the data provided by GigaTweet indicates that Twitter has just exceeded 15,000 million short messages. According to Gigatweet’s growth forecasts, Twitter could surpass the 20,000 million message barrier in just 72 days, which shows a significant and rapid growth both in its popularity and in the frequency of use by users.

During its first four years of activity on the network, Twitter has dispensed with a business model based on advertising, although after studying this possibility, it was finally recently presented “TweetUp”, a new advertising platform aimed at companies and advertisers. Unlike other Iceland Mobile Database social media such as Facebook, Twitter has certain characteristics and advantages that make it a much more powerful and attractive tool for those who carry out communication actions and even marketing strategies through the Internet. Instant communication and the possibility of issuing an “open message” not only and exclusively directed to our contacts or followers, but also that it can be detected or found by other users through its search system or results in real time, multiplies the effect and impact that can be achieved through other media and social networks, which make Twitter the best social medium for a more global and less limited and restrictive communication. Iceland Mobile Database

The new advertising system will initially be based on a function based on the ranking of keywords similar to that used in Google Adwords and the CPM or pay per impression model, thus allowing advertisers to increase the visibility of their tweets (messages) or their own accounts within the “TweetUp” search engine, as well as in the integrated results of Google or other systems that use this search engine. Until now, the truth is that the figures show that Twitter is beginning to acquire a “colossal force” and vital importance as a source of information that turns it into the scene of conversations where “some say and others listen”, but where everyone participates actively. When advertising is integrated globally on Twitter, we will understand its true potential and we will have more information in relation to its impact, repercussion and the response to it by users.

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However, there is a related aspect that has been fighting for a long time with the aim of avoiding abusive practices of spam and repeated and intrusive advertising. Something that for the moment Twitter has known how to control but that has not been overlooked when it comes to clarifying the limitations and rules on those actions and abuses that could endanger its new advertising model. And in this sense, Twitter Brother Cell Phone List assured that it will stop giving access to third-party advertising in order to protect its new business and source of advertising revenue. On a positive note, it should be noted that the operation of this new advertising system based on keywords will not interfere with aspects related to the privacy of the users themselves, since “at least for the moment”, Twitter really lacks personal data that allow the generation of profiles. segmented from its users to show advertising related to different criteria or interests.

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