Twitter offers advertisers higher CTR and effectiveness than traditional online advertising

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Twitter offers advertisers higher CTR and effectiveness than traditional online advertising

Twitter, the popular microblogging system, has undoubtedly become a new fashionable tool not only as a communication system for its users, but also, as we have already mentioned, has established itself as the preferred tool for digital media, and an excellent platform for the commercial strategies of a multitude of companies and brands that operate Egypt Mobile Database through the internet. The secret of this success is due in large part to the fact that thanks to Twitter, many of these media and companies have found an important source of traffic to their websites due to the high return achieved through their tweets or direct messages. Egypt Mobile Database

However, so far there have been many conclusions from different studies that attempt to provide details and more precise information about the factors and aspects that directly affect the effectiveness and the CTR (click-through rate) of this type of messages. In this sense, Carlos Bravo, CEO of Coguan presented through his blog a small analysis in order to quantify and calculate the average CTR of Twitter according to the type of account and the number of followers. The results of this study indicated that the average Twitter CTR for a generic account could be around 1.1%, which in the case of a personal account could increase to 17.6%. In this way and together, the average CTR of Twitter could be estimated at 8.4%.

Obviously despite the fact that these calculations may be subject or conditioned to certain important factors such as the number of followers, messages or its own context, Twitter can become an indispensable and vital tool since through it, brands and advertisers can reach to achieve greater effectiveness than that achieved through traditional online advertising or other types of online marketing strategies. Even Brother Cell Phone List without resorting to the factors that can determine its effectiveness, such as the type of account or number of followers, thanks to Twitter’s new advertising model based on “Sponsored Tweets” advertisers can achieve average CTRs much higher than those achieved with any other type of online advertising. The most recent example of the potential of this new advertising system and the effectiveness of Twitter for brands and advertisers was the Coca-Cola company, which managed to exceed 85 million impressions during the first 24 hours of its campaign on Twitter, reaching a 6% CTR.

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