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 marketing in the future. For all these reasons, this platform should become one of your basic tools, since it allows you to save a lot of time while graphically and intuitively representing all the data Bahrain Mobile Number List you need to improve the efficiency of your business Looker Studio Features The most important features of Looker Studio are Collect and merge under one hat more than  different data sources related to the different departments of the company Sales Department, Marketing

Department, Administration Department, etc.


 Extrapolate from the mass of data collected only the information relevant to your companys business objectives and put this data in relation to each other.  in reports and charts that all departments in the company can easily understand, using Data Studio features. All this will be obtained with a few clicks and without the need to involve the IT department or a developer Looker Studio Pro The only major change happening with the rebrand is that Google plans to release the Premium version, a

paid version of the tool called Looker Studio Pro.



 According to Google, Pro will get business management features, team Armenia Phone Number List collaboration capabilities, SLA and further. It all starts with the Dataplex integration they announced in their blog post. Looker Studio Pro will be something similar to what Looker was before, a data analysis product for businesses probably with an enterprise price Google Data Studio Basics To understand from the first moment how a tool like Data Studio works, it is necessary to understand the three basic concepts on which it is based.


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