Web design mistakes that lead you to lose customers

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Web design mistakes that lead you to lose customers

Anyone who has a website knows that it is essential to gain visibility on the Internet, attract potential customers and, in turn, to get them to become real customers. But that of “attracting attention” many take it at face value.It is important that you know that professional web design, in addition to usability, are german cell phone number example determining factors for users to visit a site, stay longer and convert. For this reason, we wanted to gather in this post the most frequent mistakes in web page design, which are usually made more often than we think. The 12 worst web design mistakes to avoid A website with a scary design can hurt the eyes of your users. And how do you think they will react? These users will surely never visit you again and your brand image will also fall to the ground.

In other cases, there are people who build a super beautiful and attractive website, but they miss other details that are also important, related to web design, and that will also prevent you from achieving your goals. Do you want to know what they are? We tell you everything here! One of the most serious mistakes is using pixelated, poor quality, warped or blurred images. And it is that this can give a very negative image to your users or potential clients. To improve pixelated images you can use Photoshop or Gimp. But if you want to use an online tool to optimize the image to your liking in a matter of seconds, try Fotor . You just have to click on the “Effect” option (in the left menu) and then on “Pixellate”.
Illegible or inconsistent typography The texts on your website must be consistent with the corporate image of your brand so that the user recognizes you easily and quickly. This is why choosing the right font is so important. Also, in addition to consistency, another thing to keep in mind is readability. If you have chosen a font that the user does not understand the first time, you should change it as soon as possible because that, without a doubt, will make him abandon and flee to another one of the Hit post competition, more legible. Combining colors on a web page is a challenge for many, which few overcome at first. We advise you not to use more than 4 colors and that these coincide with the corporate colors of your brand.

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