What is a Digital Trafficker and what are their areas of expertise

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What is a Digital Trafficker and what are their areas of expertise

Do you want to know why this profession has become one of the most demanded? The answer is simple. Many entrepreneurs are aware that, to gain visibility, it is chinese mobile phone number no longer worth just working on organic positioning. In addition, you have to invest in advertising. With the advancement of technology, new professions such as community manager, SEO / SEM specialist or growth hacker have been born in recent years . But, to this day, new professions continue to emerge. One of these is the digital trafficker.

So in this post we are going to see what are the objectives and functions of this highly demanded professional profile, as well as what most common tools are the ones that you will need to handle to develop your functions. The digital trafficer, or also called traffic manager, is one who is in charge of planning and managing the online advertising of a project. In simpler words, this person will have to achieve the maximum possible conversions through the purchase of traffic. The Digital Trafficker will be in charge of creating and optimizing the advertising campaigns of its clients, periodically, to improve the conversion results. And, on the other hand, you will manage your budget. In general, these are the skills to develop yourself as a digital trafficker Think that one of the functions of the digital trafficker is, for example, to bring qualified traffic to a landing page so that these leads convert.

These are the areas a traffic manager or digital trafficker should be familiar with. And, depending on the channel through which you want to buy traffic, there will be professionals more specialized in one or the other. Currently, Facebook Ads is one of the most popular online advertising platforms, since Hit post it is possible to do branding and attract a lot of qualified traffic thanks to its segmentation possibilities. In advertising campaigns on social networks you must take care of the content, create a copy on social networks with hook and use attractive audiovisual content. It will be of little use to be a crack when setting up your campaign, if your content does not engage the audience and does not motivate them to click.

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