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Use your content to answer questions your target audience has about the pain points your SaaS service can solve to start building trust and memorability with this audience, even when they’re out-of-market. When this audience is in-market, the good will your content has built will pay off. According to Gartner research, brands that audience members are already familiar with are more than twice as likely to win their business. Embrace the specific with long-tail keywords In niche industries, long-tail keywords are central to a strong SEO strategy.


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terms tend to encapsulate more specific levels of user intent, relating to questions and topics that might lead people to your brand or solution.  vetted as part of a sound keyword strategy, long-tails can serve to help qualify your audience based on the questions Taiwan Mobile Number List they’re asking in search. However, they inherently tend to have lower search volume. It’s advisable to use a mix of broader upper-funnel keywords with more specific long-tail keywords, prioritizing both audience reach and relevance.

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nuances of market education and the complexity of SaaS sales cycles. Use content to support customer retention by building community As customer Afghanistan Phone Number List retention grows harder in BB SaaS, keeping your existing subscribers around has become as important as attracting new ones. The reasons why customers churn out of SaaS subscriptions aren’t always dramatic. A study by Abode and Incisive showed that of the % of customers who churned in , % left just to get what they perceived as a better experience.

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