When you are looking for a job, don’t say the following four things that the interviewer hates the most! Many people often fail because of these details.

When applying for a job , job seekers must understand what they can say and what the interviewer hates to hear. Many job seekers don’t know that the following four sentences are the answers the interviewer hates to hear the most. First, it seems insincere and perfunctory; second, it seems that they lack opinions, plans and ideas; third, they fail to see the job seeker’s strengths.


1 – I am not good at communication and interpersonal relationships, and I have social phobia

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For most positions , work is inseparable from teamwork and communication between people, so communication skills are a link that most companies pay great attention to. It is recommended that you must try to avoid this landmine and don’t reveal everything yourself. If the conditions for the position you are applying for require good communication skills, and you tell the other party that you are not good at communication, then you have no hope. Communication skills can be improved, you don’t need to say it, but learn it slowly by yourself.

2 – Sorry, I’m a little nervous

It is normal to be nervous during an interview, but you Afghanistan Phone Number List don’t need to say it out loud. You should try to control your image and behavior, and don’t let your body language reveal your nervousness. Nervousness shows your lack of confidence and will disrupt your thoughts, so when you are nervous, find a way to relieve it so that you can perform well. If you tell the interviewer that you are nervous, you have lost at the starting point.

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3 – I have no flaws

When asked, “What are your weaknesses?”, don’t just tell the other person, “I have no weaknesses.” You think you can appear confident, but it will have a negative Belize Phone Number List impact, and the interviewer will find your answer offensive and untrue, or think you are arrogant, which may make it difficult to communicate in future cooperation. People are not perfect and always have w. Ieaknesses, so don’t answer like this. Instead, you should talk about some weaknesses that do not co. Inflict with the job requirements and tell the remedies to win.

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