Why do many people

There is a magical phenomenon in the workplace: some people change jobs because they are dissatisfi with their salary and expect a salary increase, but when they actually interview for a new job, they dare not talk about money or express their real nes .

Junjie is a typical candidate who suffers from stage fright during interviews. Before changing jobs every time, he always vows to find a “high-paying” job to get rid of his identity as a cheap laborer.

But the reality is always cruel. Even after changing jobs four times in the five years after graduation, his salary did not increase much, and his confidence in his work became worse and worse.

When he was reflecting on why his salary had not improv, he suddenly realiz that he had never taken the initiative to talk about his “expect salary” in every interview. If the HR ask relat questions, his answer was always: “I will follow the company’s arrangements.”


Why do many job seekers dare not talk

Lack of confidence in personal ability, thus avoiding talking about money

Lack of confidence is not limit to South Korea Phone Number List new graduates and inexperienc employees, but also includes many veterans in the workplace.

During an interview, if you put yourself in a position that is too weak and are skeptical about your own abilities, you will generally choose to avoid talking about money, and may even think that it is already good enough if a company is willing to hire you.

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Showing enthusiasm for work is actually

In fact, experienc HR can see through an interview illusion at a glance: the job applicant only talks about the job and not the salary, expresses great enthusiasm for the job and Benin Phone Number List disdains money, and comes to the interview purely out of love for the company and yearning for the position.

Most of the interviewees who use this kind of rhetoric to express their work attitude have salary requirements in their hearts. They just want to exchange false enthusiasm for HR’s satisfaction and get an offer.

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