With Hands Bismillah before eating

Fasting may not seem like the best way to manage nutrition.

This is because it is an act of refraining from taking nutrition at a certain time.

However, many studies show that there are health benefits of fasting and how it becomes an exercise for the body if done in moderation.

A study on the benefits of fasting 2 days a week
The latest research on the benefits of fasting comes from the two-day-a-week fasting diet by Michael Mosley.

This diet requires those who do it to eat their normal diet for five days a week

It was done on 500 women and 600 men.

The result?

The people involved in the study experienced Database weight loss and a reduced risk of diabetes, heart disease and dementia.

As Muslims, we are suggested to fast two days a week, on Mondays and Thursdays as encouraged by the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAW.

The boy Usamah bin Zayd said he followed Usamah to Wadi al-Qura while chasing his camels.

He will fast on Monday and Thursday.

His servant asked him: ‘Why do you fast on Monday and Thursday when you are an old man?’

He said: ‘The Prophet SAW always fasted on Mondays and Thursdays.’ When asked about it, he said: ‘My deeds are offered (to God) on Mondays and Thursdays’

— Abu Dawood

Not only does fasting help improve our health, it also helps reduce food congestion


Instead of constantly thinking about what we are going Hit Post to eat or snack next, we will rest our minds for half the day and focus on what needs to be done.

Benefits of Eating Using Hands
Prophet Muhammad SAW taught us etiquette when eating in the following hadith:

Umar bin Abu Salah RA narrated that the Messenger of God SAW said: “Say the name of Allah  eat with your right hand and whatever is close to you.”

– Bukhari and Muslim

Many people underestimate the importance of eating with their hands and prefer to eat with a spoon and fork.

There are actually studies showing that there are enzymes in the fingertips that help digest food.

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