YouTube launches Promoted Videos in Spain, a new advertising program

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YouTube launches Promoted Videos in Spain, a new advertising program

YouTube launches Promoted Videos in Spain, a new advertising program that combines the precision of AdWords with the power of YouTube. The new advertising format will help advertisers to be discovered on the YouTube platform, which in Spain has 12 million unique users and to which 20 hours of video are uploaded every minute around the world. Now, through the new AdWords interface, advertisers of all sizes will be able to create an advertising campaign on YouTube in the same Romania Mobile Database way that they do in the search engine. Advertisers will only have to choose those keywords that describe the video they want to promote and for which they will be found when a user performs a search on YouTube. In addition, in the same way that happens in Google sponsored links, the advertiser will only pay when the user clicks on the video. The Promoted Videos will also appear on the Google Content Network (those pages associated with the search engine and that serve AdSense advertising) if the advertiser so decides. Romania Mobile Database

Nathalie Picquot, Head of YouTube Display Sales and Advertising said: “With one billion videos viewed on YouTube every day, there is enormous potential for advertisers to find their audience. The ‘Promoted Videos’ ad format makes that potential a reality by combining the precision of AdWords with the power of YouTube. In addition, it allows both a small business that wants to promote its services for the first time and a recording studio that wants to launch a new movie or a large brand that wants to test the effectiveness of a new advertisement, make sure that their videos find the desired audience at the right time on YouTube. ”

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From now on the videos will be available to all Adwords advertisers in the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands. Advertisers also have the Brother Cell Phone List possibility of having the Promoted Video with the advertising format “Integrated Video Ads”. This format is an image that occupies 20% of the space of a YouTube video for 10 seconds, which the user can close or click on if they want to go to the advertiser’s website. The creation of this ad format is done through the new Adwords interface. Promoted videos will also appear on the Google content network if the AdSense publisher has authorized the ability to show Display ads.


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