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Creators can apply or receive it after reaching 100,000 subscribers. Approximately 300,000 YouTube channels or content creators have qualified for this award. Many creators received a collection from this award. 2. YouTube Gold Play Button This is the second award or milestone that reveals the potential for success on YouTube. Content creators who reach 1 million subscribers are eligible to receive this award. Approximately 30,000 channels on the platform have achieved this success. Getting the YouTube Gold Play Button is the ultimate achievement. Channels with this success are considered the most effective and powerful resources. 3.

YouTube Diamond

Play Button Earning a YouTube Diamond Play Button is where things start to get a little more exclusive. Reportedly, there are only 1000 YouTube Diamond Play Button buyers in the world. Some examples of such successes include Ninja , NikkieTutorials , Tedx Talks , and Mr. Bean is included. The limited number of buyers shows that it is difficult to achieve Korea WhatsApp Data  this goal. Most channels in this space have 3,500 videos. However, there is no general rule. You just need to make an effort to create engaging content. So you can attract more viewers. 4. YouTube Red Diamond Play Button YouTube comes with another big hit – Red Diamond Play Button. Content creators or businesses with 100 million subscribers are eligible for this award. Currently, only a few YouTube channels have received this award.

Whatsapp Data

These include PewDiePie

MrBeast , T-Series , Cocomelon , Like Nastya , Vlad and Niki and SET India . Who is eligible for the YouTube Play Button? You might have gotten a complete idea about YouTube rewards or play buttons. Now, it’s time to know the eligibility criteria Sri Lanka Phone Number List to order or receive rewards . Remember that just meeting the subscriber’s milestone is not enough. You must also meet some other requirements to be eligible. Check these requirements carefully to avoid any inconvenience when receiving your honors: You must pass a defined subscriber milestone. You have an active YouTube account or channel with uploads in the last six months. Your channel must have no active Community guideline violations. Or you must not have received any breach indications in the last 365 days. Your channel must comply with all terms of service recommended by YouTube.

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