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Sunnah in Modern Life One of them started

They fail to understand what is happening.

No one resisted, no one questioned their commander’s logic.

No one is saying that siwak has nothing to do with winning or losing against the greatest army on earth.

At the same time, the Persians sent some spies to inspect the Muslim army camp.

The Persians at that time considered the Arabs to be primitive and uncivilized.

So when their spies arrived at the Arab army camps, they saw Muslim soldiers brushing

They are sharpening their teeth to Whatsapp Mobile Number List eat us alive. They are cannibals!

The Persian spies ran back to their camp and the news spread quickly.

The entire Persian army panicked and most of the forts were abandoned and fell easily into Muslim hands.1

This story illustrates that there is nothing trivial about following the Sunnah of the Prophet.

We might think this is just an unimportant tradition (regardless of its scientific merits) but let me put it in a different context.

Prophet Muhammad SAW was given guidance by Allah in every aspect of his life

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If I am looking for an example for a truly productive Hit Post way of life, is not his way of life the one to follow?

Second, imagine the reward from God when He sees us following the habits and actions of His most beloved servant.

Allah describes in the Qur’an:

For the sake of truth, it is for you that the Messenger of Allah is a good example to follow, that is, for those who always expect (pleasure) from Allah and (a good reward) in the Hereafter, and he also mentions and remembers Allah a lot (in difficult and happy times).

— Surah Al-Ahzaab verse 21

We want to be productive?

Want to maximize the reward in the afterlife?

Follow the example of the Sunnah of our Prophet in matters big and small.

There are many scientific studies that prove the goodness of the Prophet’s Sunnah in daily life.
Here are some examples:

A. Eat with the right hand
Prophet Muhammad SAW encouraged eating with the right hand.

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