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Them n if competing TUTORIAL Contents What are Sales Navigator Smart Links? How to use Linkin Sales Navigator Smart Links? Smart Links Use Cases for Sales Navigator If you are a Sales Navigator. Enterprise or Teams ition customer, you have access to the Sales Navigator Smart Links. If you are on the basic Professional Plan, you’ll ne to upgrade your account to access this Sales Navigator feature. What are Sales Navigator Smart Links? Sales Navigator Smart Links allows creating Sales. Presentations aggregating files and websites, and. Then easily share and track your prospect’s interactions with this content.

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Navigator smart links Look at a live seo expate bd example here. There are really useful if you want to track your linkin prospecting efforts and how your prospects interact with the content you send them. How to use Linkin Sales Navigator Smart Links? To create Sales Navigator Smart links, go to the Smart Links tab on your Sales Navigator Account sales navigator smart links tab Click on “+New Smart Link”. how to create a sales navigator smart links A pop-up will open on the right. Now you just ne to upload your website and the files you want to share with your prospects.

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Sales navigator smart links You can Hit Post preview the content you upload on your Sales Navigator Smart Links here: sales navigator smart links preview Once your smart link is creat, Linkin will create “PowerPoint” like presentation with the website and content you upload. sales navigator smart links presentation You can now share it with your prospects by copying the link copy sales navigator smart links to clipboard Each time someone will open your link, you will be notifi and will receive a detail tracking of your prospect behavior on your document It tells you how long the person view the material and the date time they click on it smart links sales navigator You will also receive an email each time someone open your presentation sales.

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