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Teach the methodology of design thinking to train the leaders of tomorrow to systematically orient their thinking on the real needs of consumers. When to use design thinking? When we want to apply a new work methodology, we tend above all towards the adoption of a new collective state of mind.

This is what design thinking already promises

and it is strongly Brazil Business Fax List recommended to be used as a central thinking approach to tackle problems such as: The development of products or services Improving the user experience Organizational innovation The design of new processes and management systems. Whether in business or in a broader field. The use of this approach is recommended to address the following points: Design

Related problems More than a work methodology, design thinking is both an art and a science. Research on user needs is the essence of this method. The latter are carried out on a scientific basis (rational and analytical inquiry) to identify the most ambiguous aspects of their problem. This magic combination often reveals quite unexpected discoveries on the problems of the customers and makes it possible to discover alternative strategies which lead to truly innovative solutions. The treatment of so-called complex problems

The ultimate goal of design thinking is to help

decision makers remove thorns from their feet, i.e. solve the most complex problems. Ordinary management problems often have solutions that have been tried and tested before, but those solutions don’t always work. There are, therefore, rather more

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complex problems which require the use of different approaches and methods than those usually applied. These are problems that not only are Hit Post difficult to define. But any attempt to solve them risks making the situation worse. Generally, they are strongly related to human behavior.

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