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Some of these SEO automation tools offer very similar features to Ahrefs, perhaps even with much higher limits for the same price or less. There are even vehicles with more capabilities. For example, DataForSEO features an API and can be used for many scrapings of Google search and Google Maps, and is cheaper than Ahrefs. Let’s take a brief look at the best features and characteristics of Ahrefs so you know what other tools compare to. Rather than viewing this as a list of useful features and tools of Ahrefs, view it as a list of functions or criteria for selecting other tools: Ahrefs’ Site Explorer tool is useful for analyzing your competitors’ backlink profiles .

Keyword Explorer

helps identify relevant keywords and their Australia WhatsApp Data competitiveness . It offers insights into factors like search volume, keyword difficulty, and click-through rates. The Site Audit tool provides insights into SEO issues that may affect a website’s performance and prevent it from ranking high in the SERPs . Helps learn about technical and on-page issues The Content Explorer tool can help discover top-performing content and trends . The Rank Tracker tool helps track desktop and mobile rankings , charts performance against competitors, and provides inbox reports. Alerts provide timely information about new web mentions as well as changes in backlinks and keyword rankings. Ahrefs offers visual representation in the form of graphs and allows export of data for further analysis .

Whatsapp Data

The alternative tool

Does not need to have all these features. Various Afghanistan Phone Number List tools perform different types of functions, and no one tool can do absolutely everything. Choose the SEO tool that has most of the features you need. If you need extra features, you can use the most suitable tool in a cost-effective combination with others. It’s time to shine a light on some worthy competitors. Here are some alternatives you should check out: ranktracker Ranktracker is useful for tracking selected keywords and your SEO progress. It’s a great alternative to Ahrefs’ Portfolios feature. A very advantageous point of RankTracker is that it has a very small learning curve. It is extremely user-friendly and makes tracking ranking data a breeze even for novices. Moreover, it shows data from mobile, desktop and different search engines. ranktracker With excellent analysis tools and insights, Ranktracker makes it easy to understand how different factors affect a site’s ranking over time.

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