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Always updating Sweet’s status on

Ever felt like trashing some people on Facebook?

We all must have seen some couples who like to flood social media such as Facebook with pictures of their romantic vacations, going out to dinner, going for a walk, at home..

… instead the images when doing nothing are also updated.

I think you already understand what I mean here.

Such a status update is not an issue.

But, when it starts to become obsessive, every time you want to display “sweet moments” with your partner on Facebook, it will indeed become something very annoying.

Here is a video from Science of Us explaining why this phenomenon occurs

There is actually a psychological reason behind this.

You’ve probably seen this type of person:
People who like to update their profile picture to Phone Number List pictures with their partner, who are supposedly sweet or upload videos to Instagram every day.

You may feel irritated more than once by their behavior.


Scientists refer to this behavior as related to a psychological illness called Relationship-Contingent Self Esteem (RCSE).

This phenomenon often refers to individuals who have a low level of self-confidence in general.

And it is also more likely to happen to those who have difficulty expressing their feelings in the real world.

And also to people who have high social anxiety in general.

There is one thing you should pin relax think it’s not a bad thing

Phone Number List

Of course, this thing looks bad..
But in the real world:

All status updates are probably one of the ways for most Hit Post people to share life with the people who matter to them.

And also perhaps as one way of “confirming” their happiness with their partner.

So yes.. they might actually be really happy. This may be a form of self-therapy for themselves.

Maybe it feels trashy, but you always have the freedom to unfollow or unfriend them.

Take it easy..

Even if your Twitter or Facebook feed is “dirty” with thingspornlike this, but try to be happy for a moment on other people’s happiness, and continue to scroll.

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