IG Stories:how to make the most of this Instagram feature

Instagram is one of the largest social platforms in the world, with billions of active users every day. One of the most popular features of Instagram is the ability to create and share “IG Stories”, i.e. Instagram stories which are now a fundamental tool not only for users, but for all marketers.These short stories, as you already know, can be made up of photos or videos that remain on the platform for only 24 hours , after which they automatically disappear (unless you save the IG stories as among those highlighted in the profile, in which case the Instagram stories remain fixed and always visible).

Making stories on Instagram

If you haven’t heard of Instagram Stories, it’s a feature that lets you post a photo  Middle East Mobile Number List or video to Instagram that only lasts 24 hours. The concept is extremely similar to the Snapchat app created in 2012. The content you share on Instagram Stories does not appear in the grid system (feed) on your profile, nor does it appear in your followers’ Instagram newsfeed. There is a separate section for IG Stories.

Take a photo or record a video in real time

Instagram offers a number of creation tools that you can use to customize your Stories. For example, you can  Hit Post  add stickers, backgrounds, text, filters, and so on, to make your stories unique and eye-catching. You can also use the creation tools to edit photos and videos you’ve recorded with the Instagram camera or those selected from your gallery. In short, don’t limit your creativity and personalize your content significantly! Instagram stories allow this and more, in fact the more engaging they are the better.

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