CDO – Chief Digital Officer The key to Progress

one of the most important characteristics that managers and members of the modern c-suite must have is that of adapting their professional characteristics to the changing context that surrounds us, to the changes of a constantly changing society. The CDO is perhaps the figure who must have this most important attitude withy more developed than any other figure and must be able to inspire and contaminate those who are next to him within the c suite and to follow all the members of the enterprise to which it belongs towards a unified vision of digital progress.

The real tasks of the chief digital officer.

The cdo is in charge of coordinating and manfrom  Whatsapp Mobile Number List accaging all the company’s global digital changes up to the updating of work processes and the creation of new activities.

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How he manages the CDO’s time and most important tasks

The CDO is called an agent of progress, riding thal transformation era, starting from the culture he brings within the company, to the data, to the support he gives to the various departments: marketing, sales, purchases, boards through the new flows and tools that it implements without ever forgetting what is the most important. Added value of thene Hit Post lear company, the real humanization of everything that is starting from within the company up to the relationships it has with its suppliers, for, going towards what the company brings to the market as products and services to finally arrive at the direct relationship with consumers.

An important part of the CDO’s working time is  to the implementation of the added value of the products and services that the company provides which is a direct consequence of the generation of economic revenues, he also takes care of accompanying the people who are part of the organization to cost efficiency through the study of new digital flows and.

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