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Madrid Spain phone number

Madrid is the capital and largest city of Spain, located in the center of the country. As a bustling metropolis, Madrid is home to a diverse range of industries, cultural landmarks, and an ever-growing population. In this article, we’ll delve into the phone number system of Madrid, Spain, exploring the various aspects of how phone numbers work, and what you can expect when dialing or receiving calls in the city.

Phone numbers are made up of nine digits

With the Iceland Mobile Number List first digit being either 6 or 9. These digits are then followed by seven more numbers, with no spaces or dashes between them. The first three digits of the phone number represent the area code, which is typically 91 for Madrid. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule, with some areas having their own specific codes. For example, Alcobendas has a code of 916, while Legan├ęs has a code of 916. Additionally, mobile phone numbers in Madrid typically begin with 6, followed by two more digits that indicate the carrier.

When dialing a phone number in Madrid

You’ll first need to include the country code for Spain, which is +34. After this, you’ll need to include the area code for Madrid, which is 91 in most cases. Finally, you’ll need to include the seven-digit phone number itself. For example, if you were dialing a landline in Madrid with the number 123456789, you would need to dial +34 91 123 45 67.

Phone Number List

If you’re calling from within Spain, you can skip the country code and simply Hit Post Info dial the area code and phone number. However, if you’re calling from outside of Spain. You’ll need to include the country code to ensure that your call is properly routed.

It’s worth noting that Madrid is a major city, and as such, it’s home to a large number of phone numbers. As a result, it’s not always easy to find specific numbers, especially if you don’t have a name or address to go on. Fortunately, there are a number of online directories and services that can help you locate phone numbers and other contact information in Madrid.

Madrid’s phone number system is fairly straightforward. With a consistent format for landline and mobile numbers. By understanding the basics of how phone numbers work in Madrid, you can ensure that you’re able to communicate effectively with others in the city. Whether you’re making business calls or just trying to stay in touch with friends and family.

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